paulavery replied to your post: but haven’t they just smudged a screen cap? 

how does that work? it still looks like a smudged screen cap to me.

I have no idea exactly what method they use but I would assume it just involves obtaining a cap from each frame and stretching it down to a pixel and then putting them in order.

I guess some of them could look like screen caps except for the most part, if you’re familiar with the film you can follow along easily enough by looking at the colours.

The Wizard of Oz one, for example, is pretty simple to follow because like the film it starts of fairly monochromatic and then the colours come into play and you can see how the barcode captures the film (the yellow for while they’re on the yellow brick road, green when they reach the emerald city, etc.), see?

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  1. justinhammer said: hm. it looks better like that, but does that mean they go up and down? because if i was putting them in order, i would go left to right, which is why i thought it looked weird, i think? like, the coloured wouldn’t line up going left to right.
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